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1933 inside door handles

Barney Eaton

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Guest outlaw car man

It's hard to explain, but the handles have a little plunger built in them, with a little spring behind, held by a keeper on the handle. You have to use like a dental pick that has a 45 deg angle on it ( or something like a dental pick) . What you do is depress the escutcheon as normal removal, find the plunger, depress the little plunger so it releases from the indent in the window mechanism and off it comes. It's a ***** to do sometimes. Barney, if you still can't get it, PM me, I can take pictures maybe or call.

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I hope these photos help. 32 Buicks used the same method of attachment. The key is to put the tool in the small slot and catch the end of the plunger and pull it outward while pulling outward on the handle. Most of these internal splines are corroded and can take some effort to get off.

The good news is that they are easy to put on, just push them on the spline until the plunger catches.




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