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Lake George, NY Breakfast run


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Well, yesterday was just a Super day in my little corner of the earth. So Granny's 70 Skylark and I went out for breakfast. Roughly a 90 mile round trip via the road less traveled...



All systems go:


A part of the upper Hudson River hiding in plain sight.


And a little side trip to Hadley, NY which most NY'ers never even heard of:


Hadley is home to this last century Parabolic Bridge, said to be the last one in New York State:


Here's the view from the center, and yes, that railroad bridge is still in use:


Back on the road, a typical small town business:


Over that hill:


And through the woods:


Through Lake George Village:


To Grandma's house we went:


And on the way back we stopped at a home garden to take these:




This was the first significant trip for the 56 in too many years. It was a great confidence builder for future National Meet runs.

ps: Later after this trip I finally listened to what I was told and opend my idle mixture screws 3/4 turn each, which has now eliminated my off idle stumble. Wish I did that before this trip but, Wednesday is another opportunity to test that action.

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Cool John. Very Cool.

I haven't been to Lake George in over 10 years.

I can still remember one of our family vacations there as a kid. My parents took my twin brother and I up in our 1964 Wildcat.

I will never forget that trip or that Buick. Both great memories.

Still remember the visit to Fort Ticonderoga also.

Great photos John. Thanks for posting.

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