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WTB 1946-1949 DeSoto

Guest Wufnu

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Year 1946-1949

Make DeSoto

Model Any

Price <$5000

Description #4 or #3 condition, runs, reliable

Location USA (preferably near Atlanta)

Contact Information (Name, Email and Phone) Justin, wufnu99@hotmail.com

Looking for #4 or #3 condition (can't afford any better), $5000 or less (prefer less, haha). Want to make it my daily driver so I need something that doesn't require pulling motor/transmission as I don't have the facilities for that. Preferably in the Atlanta area but can ship if the price is right. Everyone on Craigslist seems to think theirs is made out of gold or unicorn tears or something so I'm hoping local classifieds will be a bit more reasonable which is where y'all come in. If there's anything in your local classifieds that might meet this criteria, or you know a guy that knows a guy that knows a guy, please pass me the info!

Thanks a bunch,


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There is one that shows up on the Portland OR. CL often.

Thanks, Jack! I'll give it some special attention, then. I use search tempest to search Craigslist nationwide so I usually catch them. I'll search Portland separately though, just in case it's falling through the cracks. A Decent '50 on there, right now, just needs some motor work.

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