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Well I finally got the wife to sell her Subaru.(Don't need here in Florida) but in Massachusetts we did. We brought a 2013 Buick regal it's a real nice ride. It has the new turbo and it gives lots of power. The only problem I have with this car is that the radio is hard to figure out. Has too many choices but I will figure it out. I am just glad to have the Buick in my garage and not my Subaru. Frank (BUKE) have a great Buick day

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Glad to hear you like it Frank and it has a lot of pep. :D Dang them Modern radios. :mad: I wish they would make that part a little more simple than they do. I have one here that the only way I can set the clock on it is to pull the battery cable and hook it back up at one oclock.... Most of us old guys only need 4 buttons anyway. On /Off, volume, Clock set, and an E-Z way to the News, Weather, and Golden Oldies station. ;) Dandy Dave!

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