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1955 power steering pump

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I know the canister is semi-gloss black... What color is the pump? What color is the bracket? In searching pictures, I've found every sort of combination you can think of.. How did it come from the factory? Thank you for the help!!

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If it is like the 54 it was all black...it was added after the engine was tested and sprayed. MrEarl did a very nice summary over at 54B where all the engine bay was summarized. It is for 54 mind you but I would assume most if not all would be similar:

The information I am providing below comes from personal, close and careful observation of the engine bay area of three of my own low mileage 54's (Buttercup 72R w/13K miles, BlueBird 41D w/26Kmiles and DoraB 76R w78K miles) as well as observations of other mostly original 54's I own or have owned. I have not used here say or speculation unless noted. The info is what I have seen with my own two eyes. I have used engine degreaser when necessary to carefully remove built up grease which actually helped protect the original color. **Add to the list above a 46R with 63K miles

So to cover your immediate questions first

1 Fuel and vacuum lines (incl. PB vac line) that run over top of the engine- No Paint ** Revise to Also Painted. A recently acquired 60K mile 46R definitely has paint on some of these lines. Possibly a poor masking job or perhaps that plant didn't mask.(Speculation)

2 Pulleys - Generator, Water pump, Power Steering, - *No Paint (cad)

3 Harmonic Balancer - No Paint ** Revise to Buick Green paint. A trace of paint was found on the rear of one of my low mile originals. Speculation - Apparently this un-primed metal does not hold paint well

4 Any bolts on the engine that are not green? I don't have this info but will try to determine. I suspect some of the bolts that hold some brackets on will be no paint.

5 Accessory mount brackets? Power steering main mount bracket and the 8 inch angle iron brace that bolts to the engine. Buick Green

6 Power steering pump - Black * The correct decal wording for the top of the pump is " FILL TO LEVEL WITH AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION FLUID TYPE "A".

7 Upper generator bracket, flat iron with elongated adjust slot- Black

8 Engine mount brackets (including the generator mount bracket - Green **The flat triangular brace piece with three holes from this engine mount to the engine block - No Paint

9 Fuel/vacuum pump - I have never seen a factory installed fuel pump so must say that all mine are unpainted. However since the pump and lines were supposedly installed prior to painting and testing it would stand that the pump would likely have Buick Green overspray.

10 Power brake vacuum pump - Black

11 Exhaust manifold...how far back would you paint or at all? Personal preference I suppose but I'd paint the manifold and exhaust pipe incl crossover.

12 Wire loom - bolts to top of rocker cover - Green; Rubber insert - No Paint (however probably received paint when engine was painted and the black rubber did not paint well)

13 Rocker cover and spark plug cover bolts - Green

14 Timing indicator with timing marks- I have seen these painted engine green with no paint on the brass ends with unpainted groove marks * and also black with yellow painted groove marks.

15 Valley Cover - Green except under middle of manifold where there is either no paint or light over spray at most

16 Blow by tube- Black

17 Oil Dip Stick - No paint on most, overspray paint on some

18 Transmission Dip Stick - No Paint

19 Transmission Dip Stick tube - It appear these may have been painted black but with out primer and the black paint soon bakes and flakes off.

20 Transmission Dip Stick tube bracket/holder (secures to back of block) No paint

21 Coil Bracket- No Paint

22 Dash Pot bracket - No Paint

23 Carb spring bracket - No paint Revise this to paint. I removed this part and found engine paint around the outside area of the bolt. I suspect the paint disintergrated due to heat of the engine

24 Distributor - the bottom third of the distributor got over sprayed with Green, upper is factory black

25 Starter - Green Starter Solenoid - Black (masked during painting of engine

26 Fan Blade - black. Bolts- no paint

Here is a pic of a very correct engine bay. Note the PS pump and bracket...again take it for what it is worth as this is all 54.


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