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CRT wiggle

harry yarnell

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I see this with some frequency as well in my 88. Likely from strong magnetic fields near the car (hi voltage lines near roadway, among other sources of EMI) that affect the deflection of the image on the CRT.

Probably some radio transmitting equipment also factors into this as well.


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Guest 89 Maui

Harry if you have been geting that "wiggle" in your crt, I would hate to think what they are testing at Aberdeen Proving Ground !!!


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Guest Corvanti

the radio transmission explanation has starting to make me wonder about my CRT. mine does the "wiggle" occasionally - but only in about a 1 inch vertical area about where the "mpg" is listed on the summary screen. i figured it was the start of the CRT going out. BUT - i live near 2 old "Radio Free America" short wave towers to the southeast and a Coast Guard tower to the southwest. i can see all three from my 'cave...

maybe i need to get some tin foil, make a hat for me, then cover the inside of the CRT!!!:rolleyes::P:)

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Guest HessLakeGuy

One of my 1989s did this exact thing ONCE as we drove thru Kentucky and 100+ degree heat.

The thing was going crazy, but as the sun went down that day things started acting normally.......

No problems since.


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