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I don't have a service manual they are a little rare in england.

Also expensive to have shipped over.

Next best thing: 1955 Buick CD-ROM Repair Shop Manual

I'm not trying to be mean, but if you are going to own and work on this car you NEED a manual! We are all glad to expand on and explain items covered in the manual and even go look at our cars and parts for an explanation; but we all tire of looking up stuff like this.

Water pump cover: 1/4-20 = 12-15 ft lbs

Timing chain cover: 5/16-18 -20-25 ft lbs


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I don't have a service manual they are a little rare in england.

Also expensive to have shipped over.

If you can afford to operate/maintain a gas hogging 55 Buick you can certainly afford a readily available shop manual that will not only answer very obvious questions but will also save you many future dollars (pounds) in dumb maintenance mistakes..................Bob

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It's the same old story.

Give a man a fish and he eats for a day (and will be back the next asking for an easy feed).

Teach a man to fish and he will eat forever.

So while some may come upon a man standing next to a pond asking for a fish, unwilling to pick up the fishing pole laying by his side, and give him a fish.

My nature is to show him how the pole works and then tell him to pick the damn thing up and feed himself.

We are both much better off for it...................Bob

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I happen to like cereal with milk.

I have ordered a shop manual(so as not to **** some of you off) it will take a few weeks to get here.

Below are some of the things i have done to the car.

As to what i can afford that is my business

I figured after doing all that is listed below it wouldn't hurt to ask for a torque setting.

Thanks for your help.

The original 2 barrel intake and carburetor have been replaced with a factory 4 barrel intake and new Edelbrock 500cfm electric choke 4 barrel carb. The original generator has been replaced with a modern style GM alternator.

The driver side front floor pan has been repaired as well as a small repair on the passenger side front floor pan.


New ignition points

New condensor

New spark plugs

New spark plug wires

New distributor cap

New rotor

New thermostat

New fan belt

New upper radiator hose

New lower radiator hose

Rebuilt starter


New rubber mount

New pan gasket

The brake system has been completely redone to include:

New front shoes

New rear shoes

New front brake hoses

New rear brake hoses

New brake hardware kits

New front wheel cylinders

New rear wheel cylinders

Re-built master cylinder

New pre-bent stainless brake lines

New brake light switch

The drums were turned


New front shocks

New stabilizer bar ends

New stabilizer bar bushings

Rebuilt rear lever action shocks

New rear shock links


New pre-fit carpet kit

New gas pedal

New brake pedal cover

New headliner

New headliner trim kit

New dome light lense


New park light lenses

New park light lens gaskets

New back up lenses

New wheel cover medallions

New headlights

Fuel system:

New fuel tank

New fuel tank sending unit

New fuel line

New inline fuel filter

Rebuilt fuel pump

New muffler

New heater hoses throughout

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