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'29 President rear axle seals

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I've got the rear end apart on my President and want to change out all the seals. There are a pair of seals on each side, in the tube of the rear housing itself. I believe that the Studebaker part number is 158117. The axle bearing retainer also has a seal in it that the parts catalog calls a "washer" with a part number 158115...it says cork.

My questions are as follows: Where should I look for these replacement parts and do I have to press the bearing race out of the retainer to change that seal?

I honestly didn't look too closely at the retainer...

Are there modern day equivalants for these seals. I don't know for a fact that any of the seals leaked, just thought I'd change them from a preventative maintenance standpoint. I could leave the seal in the outer bearing retainer alone for the time being as it would be easy to change later, if it leaked.

Any advise would be appreciated.

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Here are a couple of places to try:

South Shore Bearing, Quincy, MA. (617) 471-7800 See South Shore Bearing,ball bearings,roller bearings,oil grease seals,Boston,eastern MA,drive shaft service,wheel bearing hub assemblies,axle rings. Ask for Steve. They have lots of old bearings and seals, and all of the old cross-reference catalogs.

Norman Pease, Palmer, MA (413) 283-7620. He has a very wide range of NOS mechanical parts, including seals.

Then and Now, Weymouth, MA 781-335-8860. Lots of NOS parts, especially for fuel pumps and carburetors.

Olcar Bearings, Southern Pines, NC. 910-693-3324.

The felts shouldn't be too hard to come by, but new ones can be cut from #1 dense felt for a reasonable price. The Studebaker National Museum can get you the drawing for the part for about $25; call Andy Beckman, archivist. Soak the felts in oil overnight before installing. I'm not sure where to get new cork parts (or modern replacements), but again they would be easy to cut. Old cork will be worthless by now.

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To Krazykat; I have rebuilt two rear-ends for my President "8"s I have the seal numbers and bearings and information on what I encountered. I am going out the door just now and don't have the time ot find this stuff right now. E-mail me at marteesdad@centurytel.net if I can help.......tell me what it is about cause if I don't know you I won't open the email.......dan

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