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1950 buick 56r door rubber help

Guest Onefish

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Guest Onefish

I am working on a 1950 56R Buick Hardtop that I did not disassemble. I have manuals and parts books however I cannot for the life of me figure out how the new steele rubber door pieces fit onto the doors. I am having trouble with the bottom and the front hinge post pieces. It is tough to find a picture of those areas of '50 Buicks. Does anyone here have any ideas on where to find such info or where I could find a picture of a door that has been removed? I assume that other years and models may share the same pieces. It would be fine seeing those also. Steele is not much help with their directions.



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Guest Onefish
How about a picture of the seal and the area on the door where it's supposed to go?

OK. I am working with the Steele Front Door Weatherstrip Kit 90-0116-72 going on a 1950 Buick 2dr Hardtop model 56R.

I understand and have installed Rubbers #70-0530-73, #70-0857-73, and the baffles 50-0268-73.

I do not understand #50-0219-73 and #70-0550-73. You and see the profiles and shapes on the Steele.com website.

As you can see on the bottom of the door there is a channel with one wavy edge that appears to want to crimp over the edge of one of the rubbers. Which rubber and which edge. On rubber #70-0550-73; where does the little flip out in the molded rubber go? Take a look at the pics and see if any of this makes sense. Please excuse my sloppiness with the glue, it will get cleaned up.











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