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Power antenna issues

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A couple of weeks ago I bent the automatic antenna. it does not go up or down do to the crimp in the mast.

I went through the news letter and from Crutchfield purchased replacement mast item#12044R22 and tried to use with the original antenna the replacement mast was larger than the original and would not fit. I then purchased also from Crutchfield the replacement Antenna Item #PW22 and found that that is wired different and does not have a relay switch in it like the original of course the wires are different colors and we can get the antenna to go up and down on the bench but not installed. Has anyone replaced the mast or complete antenna. If so what is my best route.

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Have replaced many a power antenna with cheap aftermarkets, you did not get a cheap aftermarket so I went to the Crutchfield site, looked at a picture of your antenna and saw 4 wires, red yellow blue and black, and your extra black wire looks like it's meant to be ground for non metallic / plastic fender mounting.

My best guess is that the red on your new antenna is default power or WT the single connect from the wire harness that brings the antenna down when you turn off the radio the other two reverse polarity for up and down and your antena relay is in the dash behind the radio.

With radio power off the DG wire on the wire harness double connector becomes motor ground for default power.

With radio on the DG becomes up power to motor and GY becomes motor ground.

Now look at your motor wiring instructions and see if this makes sense.

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