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Houdaille shock for '38 commander?

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Echo Robert

You did not respond to any of the questions.

Can we assume that you found your shock absorber and quit looking for one?

Also give a part number for the parts you are seeking!

Robert Kapteyn

Sorry - I was out of town for a little while without computer access. Still looking for a replacement, however i did contact Apple Hydraulics and he things he has what I need. Not sure what the part number is.


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I have rebuilt front by Apple. I had 2 sets of cores and sent them to Apple. Apple was supposed to pick the best and rebuild that set but they did rebuilt both sets so I have a spare set of fronts. Also have a core set if you need them.

I'm looking for one for the front right (passenger side) of the vehicle. Do your sets also have the arm attached? I'd be interested in what cost you are thinking for them - I'll PM you with my email address.


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