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classic car night at the drive in...

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Ok please don't beat me up over the c word, its what they call it and it is what it is. (I did leave it non capital "c" btw)

Now to the nice stuff...

There is a special one night only event at a local drive in. All vintage cars are welcome to come out for a show and shine and then watch a movie. Best part, it is only 20 minutes away!

At first I was dissapointed as the movie is not kid friendly (The Great Gatsby) so what am I to do? Dump them off at Grand Pa&Ma's!

I have Friday booked off as well, this will be the first time my wife will be in the old Buick. Harriett is a nice 20 footer but shows some real wear, some rust and some age...hope all the others are not too shiny but would be nice to see other nice old cars there. That being said regardless, I bet o'l Harriett will be the best looker there! After all she is a Buick right...

Can't wait, should be neto...just need to get me a good FM radio player with good batteries. I was told they have a vintage AM transmitter set but last year it failed and may be sketchy this year.

I will post pics...

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Hot dang, man this is a major milestone for you. Shoot yea, leave the little seat bouncers at granma's and hit that drive in with that pretty lil wife of yours and that high society 54 Roadmaster and have the time of your life. Who cares what all the other Chevies and Fords look like, you're right, that '54 Roadmaster will be the main attraction, I gawarantee ya.

as for the technical part of the sound.... does Harriets am radio work. Not sure if they even make them anymore or not but Morning Glory came with a FM converter that was popular some 10-20 years ago. Works great. Of course you will probably opt to wait and go with a Ipod lead, which is cool too.

Man I am so happy for you. It's been a long bumpy road to this drive-in. Enjoy it and we look forward to the pictures.

btw, you did get them brakes straightened out....right???....!!!

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Lamar I got the breaks done, ignition system optimized, plugs, wires, coolant leaks, gas system, engine desludged, rad changed, tires replaced and even a clean and shine! Hell I even took it on a 2 hour round trip shake down cruise!

We are all systems go!

Well, I still have wipers, interior lights, gas gauge, parking pall slip(linkage adjustment) heater fans, radio to fix but hey....it will get me there! Might even steal me a nice cuddle and kiss from my bride of 10 yearspost-62521-143142131354_thumb.gif

Its been 4 years for this....I will be enjoying it no matter what!post-62521-14314213136_thumb.gif

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We had a great night...too bad there was no "Great" in Great Gatsby.

Harriet did well there and back and drew quite the crowd, they were amazed at the original state she was in. I take it for granted I guess cause up here NOTHING is original.

There were some beautiful cars there but a much smaller attendance than I expected. Only 2 other Buick's, a nice Skylark and a Grand National.

Over all I had a real nice time...this was something I have wanted to do and have thought about for a long time, even before I bought my first Roadmaster 4 years ago. To have that experience actually happen has me on could 9.





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