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It appears my 1918 Dodge roadster has the wrong speedometer. The parts book looks like should be a needle speedo with black face. Mine is a barrel speedo and looks like possibly a 1920 or so. Interesting someone added a right angle drive at the transmission since, from a prior thread, the 1918 is a left turning speedo and the later right? Looking for correct one if I can find and willing to swap my later model if helps. Also looking for some of the headlight rim springs. Any help gratefully appreciated. Jim

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Guest tboldstuff

Wish I could help - have parts. I also need a speedo for my 1919. If you get a few response , let me know. Like to get mine running for next year 100th. anniversary DB

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1918-1920, I will confirm tonight when I review the parts book, should use the Jones-Manville Model 115. This a left hand Speedo, black face with white numbers.

Not sure what the 24 would use but the barrel version came after the black face

Maybe you guys should trade?

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