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Not mine 54 buick needs putting back together


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hummmm, "needs fixin".....

looks to be a Century, so would have a 322 w/4bbl. May be worth looking into, but not for the askin

HA HA HA needs fixin' means anything from a light bulb out to total restoration around here.... This guy must know me as I have historically overpaid for mine... HA! Anyway, I'll call the guy today and post details later....

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Errr. Just off the phone with Eddie. He has no title, no motor, no transmission. He believes all the stainless and chrome parts are in the car somewhere. It has a camaro front clip and rear axle with 4-link suspension. He is unsure of the glass or history as he bought it for a project and can no longer finish it. I don't know about you guys, but for me no title is a death sentence for a car. He says its "very negotiable".

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