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1990 Driver side MIRROR replacement - Door panel removal -QUESTION (or 2)


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OK - have FSM (sorta vague) - searched for "tutorial" here - found (below) - It appears panel needs to be removed to replace mirror assembly (yes?). Last time I did this was around 1971 on a GS 400 (Buick..oddly enough!) so I assume by '90 things changed (and I don't remember much about it anyway!). The bottom of panel is a bit loose, so I'm GUESSING there are some "clips" I may need to go get? (universal GM perhaps??) Please see below, and if YOU know, tell me it's correct. THANKS -- (next the drivers seat..OH BOY!) -----------------------------------

TUTORIAL Okay, on the '90, door panel removal's simple... you'll need a #2 philips screwdriver (standard size), a flat head screwdriver (for prying the leather pull strap and other things out of the way) a T15 torx screw driver (if you have a driver with detachable heads, it's the best choice), a ratchet (3/8") and a 10mm socket (3/8").

There is a screw behind the door pull latch, remove it and wiggle the latch cover/surround out of the way. Another screw at the door lock assembly. remove it and put the locking module through the whole so that when you pull off the panel, it'll stay with the door and not get pulled too. Gently (and I do mean gently, pry the locking tabs from the pad covering the mirror/seat controls (the tabs are on the side closest to driver), and when the cover is off, unscrew the two torx screws holding controls in place.

Take flathead driver and carefully pry out the leather pull strap ends. 10mm bolt behind each end. They are about 3-4" long. Remove them, then, working from the bottom to the rear to the front and finally the top, gently pull the panel straight back towards car interior. They are held on by very large studs that break very easily if you're not careful and gentle. Support the panel!!! Don't just snatch it off or drop it. Now, reach behind it, towards the rear and disconnect the fiber optic lead (clear plastic lead going to the courtesy light) by pulling gently but firmly. If necessary, use flathead to gently pry up locking tabs on both connectors behind panel and disconnect them.

Now, back to the seat control module. Lift control assembly out and towards rear. Slip front end in hole and pulling gently as needed, work assembly behind door panel. Controls stay attached to door. Panel, at this point, can be set aside and you now have full access to door's interior.

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