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Ansted/Anstead Engine Model list??

Bud Tierney

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My old parts catalogs are contradictory on Ansted/Anstead engines, and i find very little online, at least so far...

A 1930 McCord gasket catalog shows Ansted models "T" and "U" 1920-21, and models "C", "D", "M" and "F" 1922-25, all of 31/4x41/2...

A 1936 King Prod catalog shows the "C" as 31/4, but the "F" as 35/16...

I'M guessing from what I've found Ansted engines were developed (and/or taken from T-H designs??) and used almost solely in-house (Lexington, Durant)...

Does anyone here know of a complete list of the Ansted engine models, or if a list is included in the Lexington history book???

Any comments appreciated; many thxx!!

Don't have one, not looking for one-just idle curiosity). Bud

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