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Double Pulley Alternator


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1965 Riviera 401 with A/C. Time to replace the alternator. Could not find a vendor selling a double pulley 61 amp. Bought a nice Delco that looks original with a single pulley. What is the trick for getting the pulley nut off the alternator core bolt? To start, yesterday I sprayed penetrating lubricant on the shaft to loosen the nut. Assuming the nut comes off counter-clockwise, I used a socket wrench with a hex socket to hold the core bolt steady, while trying to remove the 15/16 inch nut with a closed-end wrench. It will not budge. In fact, I couldn't get the single pulley off of the NEW alternator. Is there an old-school method for getting off these alternator nuts? Thanks, Frank

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Guest wildcat465

Frank, the local auto parts store should have an electric impact gun to get that nut loose.

Using hand tools is a lesson in futility.

I do not know of an old school method, maybe taking the case apart and holding the shaft somehow.

Good luck.

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Just a note for future reference. When you buy a new (rebuilt) alternator, take the old one with you. Sometimes the new one is the correct part but it won't fit correctly. Check to make sure the mounting ears are in the same relationship to the terminals. If not, have the guy at the parts store "clock" it for you. He'll remove the long bolts that hold the front to the case, and rotate it so everything aligns like you're original. That's also when you have them remove your double pulley and install it on the new one. You should be able to walk out with a "bolt on" assembly.


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