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Is that a Car or a Shoe?:No, it’s the 1947/1948 Davis...

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I used to own one of these. The front seat is quite wide, and four normal sized people will fit easily. The thing one doesn't think about is that a lot of roads are worn smooth where four wheels go, but the middle of the road can be rougher. Thus, with the one front wheel, you're often riding on rough road.

The one I acquired had a four cylinder Hercules engine, which was an industrial engine and not as peppy as one might have liked. I'll tell you one thing, you drive one down the street and everyone stares.....

There's a story that Davis would repaint the cars often, different colors, so that people would think there were a lot of cars made, and when we stripped this one we found 5 coats of different color paint, on a car that had been in storage for most of it's life....so I think the story is true...

I still have a chrome Davis emblem off the car....

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