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1940's Vintage Fire Chief's Car - Who Built This Beauty?

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This two-tone beauty is from Dayton, Ohio and is on the scene of a fire at 5th & Pine streets in the early 1950's. I wish I had a view showing the front end, but this is it. I would like to know the year, manufacturer, and model. I'm certain someone will recognize it!



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Fortunately the photo is quite detailed and can be expanded quite a lot. The raised fin on the back of the hood ornament marks this car as a 1948 Chevy.


It is my opinion that the picture is incorrect. The hood ornament on the car is a production or standard hood ornament that was used on both 47 and 48 Chevys. The red plastic hood ornament is 1949 deluxe only. The 1950 deluxe hood ornament had a V shaped wing bird.
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It is my opinion that the accessory hood ornament was available at extra cost on the Fleetline, Fleetmaster and Stylemaster. The 1947, 1948 on the right side and the 1946 on the upper left are the accessory ornaments for those respective years. I have no clue about the other ornament labeled 1946. It is not the production hood ornament used on 46 Chevys. I think the long hood trim was 46 Fleetmaster and Fleetline only. I am not sure if the Stylemaster had the hood trim or not. It has been a long time since I sold the Chevrolet parts business, and I am getting a bit rusty. Other Chevy guys should chime in here.

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