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42 lc cab. top lift assembly

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does anyone have or know where I can find a left side top lift assembly for a 1942 l.c. cabrio. I only need the lower casting #11a7650750,that has the pinion gear and bottom mounting bracket, but will buy the entire assembly if available. thanks for any help.

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Charlie, based on the part number you supplied you should be also looking into a 41 Ford convertible for your part.

The number indicates a Ford number...11A iwas used by Ford for their 1941 parts number. I may be wrong in my assumption, but it opens up a wider area to look for this part. If it was strictly a Lincoln Zephyr part number that that part number should start with an 06H, 16H or 26H.

Question...on page 22 of the 1942 Lincoln Body Parts Catalog there is an illustration of the convertible top assembly for Continentals there is no listing for the part number you supplied. Can you point out the exact part you need? Are your top cylinders hydraulic or electriclal with the worm gear set up.? If electric then you might want to check out 41 Ford parts used for their top system.

Try Lincoln parts dealer Merv Atkins in California.

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I've also been looking for convertible top parts for my 41 continental with little success. I have the lower gear assemblies, and I just purchased new 6v top motors. I was told to buy a 55 T-bird 6v motor, and it directly plugs in and hooks up perfect. I'm missing the correct acme screw and nut along with the clevis and hardware to connect everything to the top. If you or anyone else knows where to find driver and passenger side assembly or parts available, please let me know.

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post-55048-143142306541_thumb.jpgThe tops on 41 and 42 Lincoln, Ford and Mercury were all electric in nature as John mentioned and they all used the same gearboxs and electric motors. The differences were in the length of that special thick threaded shaft and the clevises that rode up and down the shaft and connected to the top pieces. The gearboxes are very difficult to find, the internal nut that rides up and down that shaft ever more diffficult. The clevises that hold the internal nut can be made without to much difficulty. The internal nuts on my original clevises were destroyed when plated years ago and I looked for several years to no avail for the original nuts. So here was my solution at the time.

I got online and ordered two lengths of acme threaded rod with as course of a thread as possible, though was finer than the original rod threads by a ton. I also ordered two large diameter nuts to fit those threads. The upholstry shop I used for my top then sent my gearboxes out to a small machine shop they use and they swaped out the original acme thread rod with the new ones, then fitted the nuts inside the clevises. It would have no doubt worked just fine, slow, but at least it would have worked. I kept looking on e-bay and finally found two Ford clevises with the internal nuts I needed, so in the next few months, as I finish assembling my car I will swap out the threaded shafts and nuts and go back to the original set up.

Other than watching e-bay daily and haunting the Ford/ Mercury and Lincoln forums, I cannot offer much in the way of encouragement in locating these parts, but I found what I needed finally, so all hope is not totally lost.

There is also a place in Florida that offers a hydraulic kit to convert the electric setup to hydraulic.

Northern Tool also lists several different sizes of electric actuators that could probably be made to work as well, they are 12 volt but that can be dealt with without too much trouble.

I will try and attach a few photos so at least you can see what you are looking for.





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Thanks Tom. This helps. I may end up fabricating something also if I can't find the correct parts. I have talked to a guy in the past that has replicated several of these assemblies, but I can't seem to get him to call me back. I would think that someone would have drawn this assembly up so that others can have it fabricated as well, but I can't seem to find that either. Thanks again for input.

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