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I got my first Buick! New to buicks New to forum

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Guest conradm

Hi my name is mike conrad my girlfriend and I just bought our First buick. It's a 1921 model 44 roadster that was owned by a good friend and long time club member the late Harold Scott It would not surpise me if a few of you may remember the person or the car as it was the cover of the buick bugle in 1995 and has a nice story of it's 17 year restoration from a creek bed. To say the least Harold was a amazing man and this car proof off that.

I am not new to old cars having owned several model T fords and a 20' dodge brothers but this is my first Buick. Having got the car home and driving it a little I have to say I am impressed with quality of this car and how smooth of a ride it has. But second day out my poor buick has a small problem (or large one) the starter generator is at discharge and the starter will not motor to start the car. What am I faced with to repair or rebuild this unit? are parts avalible? and is there some checks I should check before rushing into this? the battey is new and fully charged by the way. Also is there much out there for this car as far as parts go in general? Thank you for your time.

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Mike, I have a 23 and last year I had an issue with the starter/generator. So I had to pull it and see what was up. I must admit I was a bit intimidated by this mass of turning metal, but once you get inside, it is really a simple machine. More than likely your brushes, two different sets, are not seated correctly or are worn out.

Getting out the generator is not that difficult. You have to remove the back cover over the tranny to expose the starter gear, disconnect the wiring (make sure you mark where they go); remove the pin on the water pump shaft and slide back the retainer, which is sometimes frozen on the shaft; and then take out the three big bolts holding the S/G to the engine. Once on the bench you can see all the brushes and can start you investigation.

With the above said, you can also, after disconnecting the battery, get in and move the the brushes in their retainers to see if some of them are moving and not frozen. You really cannot see much or do much through that little cover.

The three smaller brushes of two different sizes for the starter side (I think) are on Ebay from time to time and seem to run about $40. The two larger brushes on the generator side are more difficult to find. I found a set at Hershey last year for $70 and snapped them up. I don't know if any of the usual vendors have them and you may have to call some of the antique electrical repair guys. Precision Power comes to mind, and might be able to get them for you. Precision Power Inc. - Home

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Welcome! John has given you some good advice here...

I suggest you might also want to contact Jason Smith:

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