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Are all 1950 Buick Bumpers/Brackets the same?


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Looking for a quick response on this on. Started trying to re-fit bumpers on my Special Tourback. Front outer right bracket is different from my outer left. Possible prior owner damage or replacement with wrong one somewhere along the line. I found what's listed as a '50 Super Sedanette (the jetback style) getting parted out on eBay. Will the bumper brackets on that car fit the Special Tourback? I didn't bring my parts book with me to work today. D'oh!!

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I don't have my parts book with me either, but I'm pretty sure that in 1950 only, the Super and Special shared the same body. So the chances are that the bumper brackets would be interchangeable, but I wouldn't spend any money on that until I had the chance to look up the parts to be sure.

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