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Rare 1960 Chrysler Ambulance For Restoration or Parts

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1960 Chrysler Ambulance. This rare Chrysler was purchased by the former owner about 25 years ago with the idea of restoring it. Well, he certainly did not get very far. This ambulance is rough. It would need a total restoration or would be a great parts car candidate. It certainly would also be the great basis for a hot rod or custom project. Included with the sale is four, well stocked pallets overflowing with some of the removed parts but also lots and lots of extra parts and related items. It rolls and steers. It is being sold with a bill of sale only, no title. What you see is what you get. This could make a really neat project for someone or would be a great source of parts. The price is 2,000.00. No separate parts sales and nothing will be parted out, you'll have to take it all! Located in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Call 734-730-4274 or email motoringicons@hotmail.com to come and take a look at it or for more informatio










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About 10 years ago, now, there was a customized '62 Chrysler New Yorker at the Mopar Nationals. It was converted to be either an ambulance or Sheriff's car. A New Yorker for the longer wheelbase, in this case, rather than "luxury". On the outside, it looked like a normal "police" Chrysler car, but upon closer examination, it had a full size "bed" on the passenger side of the vehicle. The driver's seat was just that. A nurse's seat was behind the driver in the back seat area. Seems like the rear door on the passenger side was longer to allow the gurney to be removed with the patient on it? The car was displayed complete with period "doctor's tools", which further added to the visual impact of the vehicle . . . for a time past when Doctors still made house calls.

In other words, a multi-purpose vehicle where the Sheriff could also be the undertaker, funeral director, and EMT. It was restored to a very high standard, which made it all the more interesting! Plus, being a 413 Chrysler, it would have NO problem transporting any patients in speed, safety, and style. And, when not being an ambulance, it could also serve as a normal patrol vehicle. Quite a DEAL!!

Just some thoughts,


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