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early Horseless Age bound volumes

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Hi all --- Not sure where to begin looking, but this is a start. Perhaps someone can give a reference.

Someone in the midwest bought a set of bound Horseless Age magazines from the Bill Pollock collection of Pottstown, PA back around 2009. These came from Becky DeStafano after her husband Ralph passed away. Becky tells me these volumes began around 1899 with volume 4 and continued through Volume 25, 1910.

I recently acquired from an estate in Binghamton, NY similar Horseless Age bound volumes. Mine are Volumes 1,2 and 3. So I do have Horseless Age number one, the inaugural issue.

It seems too coincidental that I have volumes 1,2,3 and this midwest fellow has volumes 4,5,6, etc. And considering the location it's possible these are of the same collection, separated long, long ago. (The man who had mine bought them in the 1940's.)

Although I would consider it, I'm not trying to buy these later volumes nor do I particularly want to sell my Volumes 1,2 and 3. But mostly I'd like to know who has these later volumes --- to just know each other so that one day perhaps these volumes can be reunited.

Thanks --- Scott Dwyer


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