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Removing Thrust Bearing


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My guess without seeing more of the entire unit;

I would think it gets pressed off when one other part gets pressed. If that exposed part of the shaft is not part of the large hub with the bolts? ..The shaft might be pressed towards that hub, if you take the hub bolts out, to see how it is made?

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Hi Phil, I think if you take the diff apart ( good idea to check it out anyway) you'll have a good chance of tapping it out from the inside. I think those id's are pretty close to the same size ,but you should be able to get a bite somehow.

As far as the races go ,if you decide to remove them, I think you 'll need to drill three holes from the back side ( 120 degrees apart) to "drift" it off the diff. half.

good luck ,Ken

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I'd remove the bolts holding the gear carrier together, Then it will split in two. Then I believe the axle will get pressed inwards, through the carrier half, which will then have the thrust bearing able to fall out.

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