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1914 Buick B37 for sale

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This car is still for sale. This is an older restoration of a very solid and complete original car. This example retains all of its original sheet metal. The paint and kick upholstery at your feet in the back seat is original but the rest of the vehicle has been restored. The upholstery is leather and is in great condition. The top has a tear and will need work to get it back into shape. The nickel has good parts and some that will need to be re-plated. The linoleum and the rear carpet are both new. [TABLE=width: 100%, align: center]


[TD]The engine was rebuilt sometime before I purchased the vehicle and it runs great. I re-lapped the valves in and checked the cages and the valves are newer, 1 piece valves with aluminum pistons. I have owned this car for 5 years and in that time the only major things I have done to it are to install new leather on the clutch and new tires. I have toured this car with my local HCCA and on a National tours. I drive this car probably 500 to 1000 miles a year. This is not the small buick this is the 30 plus horsepower Buick. If you have ever toured with a Buick, you know how well they preform and what dependable cars they are. If you need to see more pictures or have questions, please ask. greasemonkey38@live.com 619 873 5550

Thanks Chris<!-- End Description -->













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