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Crank up windshield mechanism for 1930 Buick Model 47

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Dwight, there used to be a guy in East Texas who had them for Chevrolet models of that era. I don't recall his name or town, (probably north and west of Shreveport, LA)

Maybe someone else here recalls who I'm thinking of, and if the mechanism is comparable.

Best of luck,


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Bob's Automobilia sells reproduction bronze gears and other associated parts. I bought a set for the windshield in my '29 Cadillac and with some filing and grinding, they fit and work perfectly. Note that these are just the gears, the rest of the mechanism, including the brackets that hold everything to the wooden frame and the driveshaft that runs from one side to the other side, was not included. The bronze gears are a little rough, but all I needed was a file to touch up the teeth and get a better fit. I seem to recall that there are two types, one for the screw-on knob and one with a clip-style knob, so make sure you know which kind you use (my Cadillac uses the screw-on style).

Hope this helps!

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Let me know if you need any additional parts for your windshield lift. I have a setup that is pretty much complete that was removed from a 1930 40 series coupe that should be exactly the same as that used on the sedan. Enough of the wood is there to serve as a pretty decent pattern for your header board. Also I believe I can supply the bracket that runs the length of the top of the windshield and connects to the gear setup. You will most likely need to purchase the new gears (they are potmetal) from Bob's in any case.







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Thanks very much for the offer and the pictures. I'm not positive but I think my header bar is still attached to the windshield. I saw the gears in Bob's catalog, but I didn't know what the whole assembly looked like.

How are the gears attached to loops in the header bar?


The header bar attaches to a couple of pins (1 near each gear). I am attaching photos from my 1930 60 series, but they are essentially the same for the 40 series as well:




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