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Coil Spring Specialties, spring insulators & bump stops


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I just received my front & rear GS spec springs -2" from CSS (Coil Spring Specialties) for my non-GS 65 Riv . Ordered on 7/11/13 quoted 2-3 weeks for delivery. 7/23/13 springs were in my garage, woo whoo! Springs look good, little scraping off stuck cardboard from packaging & touch up paint is all they need. $458 shipped to 93063

I would like to know how critical is it to replace my coil spring insulators with new ones? I am new to this but noticed that my insulators are still sandwiched in the frame spring perch between a large 1/8" thick metal ring (same size as the insulator) and the frame. I originally thought I would just leave them be and reuse them as is. But now I am second guessing myself on that decision.

Do u recommend reusing the old (will that work) or should I try to get them out to replace them with new ones? Also, if u think I should replace them, do I reuse the metal rings? Not sure what the purpose of the ring is for (maybe to keep the coil from digging thru the insulator?). At first I thought it might be 1/8" spacer but then I found them on both sides.

Where do u recommend buying new spring insulators? Can I possibly order insulators from another late model/make car (ie Chevy Impala?) from a local shop? As long as the dimensions are the same right??

Lastly, I have the entire suspension apart for cleaning, fresh paint & new bushings. I bought new upper control arm push thru type bump stops and can NOT get them back in the slots. What approach have u guys had success with?? I tried lithium grease, dish soap & a BFH. Maybe I need a muscle or two?

Thanks in advance gentlemen

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