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1951 Mercury Woodie WAGON

Guest Ari Rios

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Guest Ari Rios

1951 Mercury Woodie ~ Woody Wagon for Sale $47,500 Contact Ari Rios 415 971 2019

This is a rust free, two owner car that was always garage kept in Mexico City.

It spent 12 years in a Classic Car museum there until it was bought by a collector who had it for 5 years and was then bought by me.

This is a rust free car in mostly original condition.
Everything works. Starts right up. Runs and drives well.
It has a three speed manual transmission.
Wood, paint and interior are all in great shape.

Special note:
The winsheild wipers, front hood emblem, radio and clock that are not shown in the pictures are now installed.

Here is a list of what I've done recently.

Re chromed almost every piece of chrome on the car.
Installed new wing window latch levers.
Refurbished wiper linkages and vacuum system.
Installed new windshield wiper assemblies.

Replaced every wire in the electrical system with cloth-covered wire.
All electrical connections were soldered and heat shrunk.
All instruments were refurbished and are working correctly.
The clock has a new quartz movement from Hollywood Speedometer.
The radio works but is still set up for a 6 volt system so it is not wired in.
The generator and starter are from a 12 volt Volkswagen system.
It has a fresh tune up and oil change.
Repaired vacuum advance fitting at carburetor.
Installed new continuous flow radiator and cap.

Re torqued heads and checked compression.
The readings are
1) 125 5) 125
2) 120 6) 120
3) 120 7) 115
4) 125 8) 125
(1-4 on passenger side front to back)
(5-8 on driver's side front to back)
Wet compression test only jumped approximately 10 lbs!!

Re worked exhaust pipes a needed.
Installed new chrome exhaust tip.
Replaced the transmission output shaft seal.
Adjusted clutch.
Changed differential and transmission oils.

Installed new speedometer cable.

Turned drums arched shoes and adjusted brakes.
Installed new emergency brake cable.
Installed new front and rear shocks absorbers.
Replaced sway bar bushings.
Replaced misc. suspension and steering rubbers.
Replaced all grease fitting nipples and greased all parts.
Adjusted steering box.
Aligned front end.

Repaired a few minor tears in the interior.
There is no heater system. (Mexican car)

Repaired the hinges for the rear tailgate so they don't go too low.
Re adjusted and lubed door hinges and catches.












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