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Not Mine - for Seal Cove Museum - Maine


We-- the Seal Cove Auto Museum-- are working on our 1921 Series 5 Mercer Touring Car. It has not been run in many, many years. In the process, we find that we have one destroyed lifter and lifter guide.

Is it possible that anyone out there knows where we can find a replacement???-or even advise us where to go to have a new one made? Any leads would be most appreciated. If you have any leads, I can have someone, who is more 'in the know' than me, get in touch with you.

We are always most appreciative of our 'car friends' who come to our rescue.


Barbara D. Fox, Pres.

Seal Cove Auto Museum

1414 Seal Cove Rd.

Seal Cove, ME 04674


Check our new website--

Seal Cove Auto Museum :: Mount Desert Island, Maine

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