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Need Advise on a 1951 Series 62 2 door hardtop

Guest fatman

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Guest fatman

First a little background..........Old friend of mine bought this car on a whim....he is not a mechanic or a body man and he is also 78 years old and not in best health. Paid $6500 for it, running and drivable with later 350 Chevy and TH350 trans......has some rust in front lower quarters and a fair amount of surface rust along with rusty bumpers and grille......oh and a 60's style fake vinyl roof.......now he wants to sell out his entire collection. What can I do short of total redo to help him recoop some of his investment? and does anyone have a clue what it would be worth?






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Guest fatman
Since it no longer has the original drivetrain, it's fate may be that of a parts car?

I agree, pity too, body is very solid......thanks for the input.


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