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Indiana Museum Pictures

Guest shadetree77

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Guest shadetree77

My Wife and I made it out to several of the museums in Indiana while attending the Buick National Meet in South Bend this year (2013). We went to the Kokomo Automotive Museum, the Auburn, Cord, Duesenberg Museum, Hostetler's Hudson Museum, Studebaker Museum, and the National Automotive and Truck Museum. I'll be posting my pictures here over the next few days so check back often. Enjoy!:)

P.S. My camera definitely did not like the lighting in the museums even when I did fiddle with the lighting settings. As a result, some pictures are a little blurry and/or grainy. Not all, but some.

Kokomo Automotive Museum 1




















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We've got some from ACD / NATMUS and the Hudson museum, but I haven't gotten very far in resizing them to make them more forum friendly (I've had trouble with the speed of the site lately...probably on my end, but don't need to make it worse with oversize photos).

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Guest wildcat465

wildcat465​ likes ALL of this.

Thanks Robert and Jessica for these pictures.

I found myself busy most of the time at the show and did not get out and about.

It was a pleasure to meet you both this year, looking forward to many more.

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Many thanks for sharing... Great job with the photos....

I tend to look more and photograph less, so I appreciate your posting these.

I particularly liked the Studebaker Museum as they went out of their way to welcome the BCA.

The Hudson Museum was actually my favorite as they opened the museum on Sunday just for the PWD AfterTour

& I got to sit in the Shaw Special for photos....

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Guest shadetree77

Whew! Well, that was the last of them folks. We had an AMAZING time in Indiana. I never knew there were so many car museums in that area. Makes sense given the rich automobile history of Indiana. I'm glad that you all enjoyed the "online museum tour". This forum gives me a lot of entertainment, so this thread was a way for me to give back. All of the museums were great but I think I've got to agree with what Mark said above. I liked the Hudson museum most of all. It had a real down to earth feel about it. I talked to the owner, Mr. Hostetler, and he was an extremely nice individual. His museum felt more like I was visiting a buddy's garage and checking out his cars. I liked that. Not to mention, he had an amazing collection of rare and truly one-of-a-kind Hudsons. If you're ever up that way, be sure to get off of the main road and take a trip out to Amish country to visit his place.

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