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1991 Toronado Front Wheel Speed Sensor reproduction need?


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The front wheel speed sensors for the 1991 Toronado are a 1 year application only and are out of production and I can't find any for sale. Monkey Works will reproduce these if there is enough demand, for approx. $125.00 each. Considering how it is extremely difficult it is to remove one from a salvaged car without damaging it as it is a press fit that bonds over the years this is a good option. I would appreciate feedback to see if there is enough interest to have this done. Even though this failure does not disable the braking system it does disable the ABS system. The 1991 Toronado, Cadillac Seville's, Cadillac Eldorado's, Buick Riviera's, and Buick Reatta's also share this part. Thanks.

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