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Cadillac 59 power seat wiring


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does anyone know from where the voltage feed of the power seat bench is provided from the car harness?

I did remove the seat with a friend, maybe the seat cable (red wire) was disconnected and we didn´t notice that. Now I wanted to reinstall the seat and I don`t find a according red cable from the car wiring which feeds the seat. It looks as it should come from the left side, but there´s no possible connection at all....like magic......

Thanks lot for help,


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Here is a link to a 1959 Cadillac wiring diagram. It does not show the power seat wiring, but the red wires are battery voltage. It may bolt to the fuse block or other terminal. What kind of end does the red seat wire have.

Cadillac Wiring Diagrams: 1957-1965

Hi Commodore,

it was my fault. When we removed the seat bench there was left the red cable with the dismantled connector which I didn`t rememeber that its belonging to the seat.....I guessed the previous owner might have tampered on with radio speakers or something else....so I´ve cut the cable....The power seat is working, I´ve routed a new cable, no problem.

Thanks anyway for your help !


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