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Source for Aluminum Pistons that fit 1909 Buick Model 10?


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You might want to try Egge Machine at EGGE Machine Company - Parts and Services for Nostalgic Motors


Give Egge a call- 800-866-3443

I like to deal with Jim.

Egge has cut way back on manufacturing larger bore castings and have been supplying Arias forged pistons when they do not have stock of their cast pistons. I have installed two sets of Arias pistons in Model 10's and they perform very well.

Tom Rasmussen

Odyssey Restorations, Inc.

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Guest morerevsm3

if you have a sample, or accurate dimensions, Top End Performance can more than likely have JE custom make them, I have purchased several sets of custom pistons from them, very good service and fast turnaround, the only ones that they couldn't make for me so far were a set of Rolls Royce Merlin pistons, they don't have forgings or pins big enough for that

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