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FS: Whippet 96 lit, manuals and tech data

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I'm helping a widow clean out her husband's stash of stuff.

These are spiral-bound reprints of originals--they seem to date from the late '80s to 2000. Each has a clear plastic cover and a rear cover made of cardstock. No grease stains, etc.

1) Overland Whippet 1926 Model 96 Repair Manual, Reprint, revised July 2000

2) Overland Whippet 1925-1930 Motor Tune Up

3) Whippet Model 96 Changes during production 1926-1928

4) Auto-Lite Illustrated Parts List for Whippet Four (Models 96 and 96A) and Whippet Six (Models 98 and 98A)

5) Whippet Parts List, Model 96, Third Edition (166 pages)

2 copies of The Knight-Overland Starter magazine: Jan-Mar 2006, Oct.-Dec 2007

No evidence of any parts on the shelves, just these manuals.

He bought the reprint literature in 2002, and paid $63 for the lot of them.

We'd like $50 plus shipping.

I'd prefer a postal money order, but can do PayPal as well.


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Guest AlCapone

I did not buy this material or the Whippet . After I thought the Whippet deal was close to being finalized The whippet deal fell through ( seller decided not to sell ) and then later it got on track but I then got quite ill, and could not follow through. I may well pursue it at a later date as I had already purchased considerable new parts for it. I think it is still for sale. I have many cars in my collection for my estate and this was another addition that a grandson liked. That's it for now.


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Guest JohnArthurSpinks

Hi to All.

I have only recently started up a '29 Whippet 96A Tourer for a client here in Australia and have discovered that the gas slide tap on the underside of the vacuum tank is leaking real bad.

Can anyone help

my email is johnspinks48@gmail.com

Thank you

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