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Wanted used front seat upholstery 1964 Riviera


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I am looking for a good front seat bottom upholstery. My drivers side is torn. I think I can use a passenger side, which should be in better shape. I only need the pleated section. My car is original, & I think if i go this route it will still be original!I have the blue vinyl interior. code 601- Thanx!! Tom ROA# 14163 amphigill@charter.net ( this was Ramblin Jack's car)

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I redid a '70 Skylark a few years ago and faced the same problem. The driver's seat was worn on the side where it was rubbed against when entering the car, the driver's seat was just plain worn out from sitting, and someone put a foot through the back of the front seat on the driver's side.

I contacted SMS auto fabrics told them the make and model of the car and the color. They sent me remnants large enough for the guys at the upholstery shop to attach the new panels to the existing interior. You could not tell that the pieces had been replaced. They matched the rest of the seats perfectly.

Largest Selection of Cloth, Vinyl & Leather Automobile Upholstery - SMS Auto Fabrics

Or you can request a sample from Clark's Corvair, Clark's Corvair Parts - Clark's Corvair - Clarks Corvair Parts, and have just a new bottom made to match what you have.

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