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Rev. 2 of Mirror Switch for 88-89

Fox W.

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Hi, now as the rest of my car has been restored nicely it seems worth while to replace the window and mirror switches. The later version that used vinyl is ideal, I already have a window switch of this, looking for the mirror switch now. Thanks.

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I have to tap on the switch (on my '88 Reatta) for my driver side window several times to make it work. Please let me know by PM (after your needs are met) what you find out about the availability of the parts you are seeking.



Availability for nice looking parts is not too good. But if function is all you mind most then they are out there for around $50 usually. The sellers really vary in price, I've seen NOS ones go for $100 (wish I grabbed one in time), which seems cheap in contrast with terrible looking $50 ones often seen. Or like me, I paid $100 for a used one that was in very nice shape.

Once I install my new one I could sell the older one cheaply. It looks better than the ones on Ebay now by far, but has the typical flaws seen on all revision-1 switches. I'll take a picture after I removed and clean it up.

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