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Riviera Sucking Air Through the Carb


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I took my Riviera for the New York State Inspection on Friday morning. It has been a bit of a barn store since some medical issues started in February 2012. The old inspection sticker was a year overdue and showed 16 miles since it was slapped on almost two years ago. That's down right shameful.

I picked up a new Group 27 battery for it a couple weeks ago and finally got that in it.

May was my 35th anniversary of owning it. I was 29 when I picked it up.

I am going to start easing into a third make over; painted it in 1980, body off sprucing up in 1993. 2014- new interior, fresh paint, remove vinyl top and new tires.

Rode around town and flexed the joints on Saturday


post-46237-143142036343_thumb.jpg Bernie

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Guest Rob McDonald

BERNIE, I love your dry humour. Read your thread title and thought, isn't a carb supposed to suck air? What could be the problem? Glad to read that it's just your way of saying the old beauty finally got out to stretch its legs. x2 on Mike's opinion that first gen Rivs are just about the most handsome cars ever.

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Yep, sucking air through the carb and splashing hot oil all over the insides of the engine; couldn't be happier.

And bouncing photons all over the place:

You can see those nasty lil Hushpowers peeking out in this shot. There is an equalizer pipe where the old muffler was; has a bit of a Chris Craft sound now.



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