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South Bend reaata's


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Here are a few photos of Reattas at Amish acres and at the meet sorry I did not Identify everybodies car but I just meet so many people. Barney did a headlight repair in the shade for Mr Lane who almost did not make it thru prelim because of faulty headlight.post-78046-143142031724_thumb.jpg I had a great time as I am sure everybody else too. Will post more later.




















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Not really sure as we were spread out over 3 fields. I hope the club will have a full accounting of the numbers and break down. I recon there were over 500 buicks. That was the most Reattas I have ever seen in one spot.

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Guest my3buicks

I would guess between the judged show field cars, driven class cars, and Reatta's just driven to the show but not entered between 35 t0 40 Reatta's

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Thanks for posting the photos.......... we judged 11 coupes and 7 convertibles. I have not see a list showing how many were on display. Unfortunately the "Display" parking was across the street with a fence that had to be walked around, not making the trip ideal. I believe many Reatta and Buick owners with Display cars did not put them in the Display area because of the difficulty getting there. The total Reattas is not known because there were not in one place at any time.

The last "official" numbers I heard were 540 Registrations, 350 total Buicks, 220 judged in 400 point. Modified and Driven did not release any numbers at the show.....

Thru Friday, the temp was at 90 and the humidity was high, Friday night a front dropped the temp into the lower 80's on Saturday, making the judging bareable. About 2 pm Thursday a heavy shower with wind hit the area and some of the outside vendors lost their tents. There was no damage to cars.

We had a great time. I know some Reatta owners missed the Reatta Div meeting because it was not in the program.

The time and place was posted at the Reatta table but still some people did not get the info.

For more info on the overall show go to the Buick General discussion.... it may be interesting to see what is said.

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Kind of wish I had made it there this year, but too many other commitments. Looks like a very good turn out from the Reatta crowd, and I am wondering if anyone can say if Reatta's were the best represented model of any that were in attendance. Would be kind of cool if us Reatta owners had the most cars of any one type there. I am looking forward to 2015 when the meet will be here in MO (from what I have seen tentatively anyway). I should have no excuse not to make it to that one.


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The GS class was larger ........but R1 was Reatta coupes and R2 was convertibles combined the "R" class may have been larger. This brings up another small complaint about this years meet. In the past, the program had the members listed with the cars they were showing. This year there was just a list of people registered with no additional information.

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Pic #17 shows my Massachusetts license plate "BUIK 91" (I did not misspell Buick!...MA only allows for a six letter/number combo on a vanity plate) ...don't know who the lady is standing next to my car?? Pic #18 is my white w/flame red Reatta with the American flag attached to the driver's window. I won a Gold award!

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