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News from the BCA Nationals ...!? Post here!


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I went today, wore a string sign around my neck with following message.



I had 6 people approach me and introduced themselves. I was very pleased. I only wish I had asked them to sign my sign.

I enjoyed the show, lots of nice cars, and friendly folks. Food was good too.

Dale in Indy

P.S. I met Robert (shadetree, and Mrs. shadetree). They are heading home to Ga today Sunday, I invited them to stop at our home and have some of Sharon's fixen, we are hoping they will give a call advising that they will do such. WHAT A NICE COUPLE THEY ARE.

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shadetree77, It was so nice to stumble upon you and Mrs. shadetree. Sorry you couldn't make it to our home in Indy, but maybe next time.

You missed out on our arty home, and my builds, but YOU WILL SURVIVE, hehehe.

Glad you made the trip to the Nationals and the sights all around. Indiana is a great car state. and Indy is so good to my interests.

I have to tell you my 41 Limited performed so well this weekend. It had been apart for over 2 years, it loves highway speeds, and is a great cruiser for sure. I ran 75 most of the way, and ended up getting a tad over 21 MPG. I need to strip it down paint wise, so am considering such. I would love to pull the side glass out flush with the body, and have a spare door to test the process. I think that would reduce wind noise a ton, but could be wrong. I also want to go with a darker blue, and switch to coil over springs, at present it is running on all mid 90's Vette springs, and since the car is so heavy, well, the springs are in a loaded position, IMO. Handles great, but a tad to firm, IMO.

Great meeting you two,


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