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I too belonged to BSRA (#585) and got a letter saying it was closing. The Web Forum is closed too.

That means the people who ran it well for years, are done and nobody came forward to do it.

It was fun while it lasted and those who participated did it well for 23 years. Maybe old car guys and gals

of today just aren't into it like us oldsters.

How does not talking about it show respect?

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Dale, I saw nothing disrespectful in your initial post. Hopefully you will repost the information.

I am sorry to see this happen, I had always intended to become member, now I guess it is too late. I sure hope someone steps forward and saves this organization.

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I joined just a few days after the club was formed in 1993. I was/am a good friend of the Hampton's.

They sent a notice a few days ago advising that due to both of them having health issues, and that no one came forward to take over the club, they had shut it down as of 7-15-2013.

I sent them a note Thanking them for all they had done over all those years, and wished them the very best. I told them that Sharon and I love them.

I posted this info on the site, as I felt maybe some AACA folks would want to know.

I sent a Note to Mary Ann, and Carter advising them of my positive post.

When I returned yesterday from So Bend I had a firm note, I WISH YOU HADN'T POSTED THAT ON THE AACA.

I decided to delete, and advised them I was sorry to assume they wouldn't be offended by my post. I have not heard from them.

I really like the two, and do wish them the very best, BLESS THEM.

Dale in Indy

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I'm seeing this rather late, but I suppose there's no Buick Street Rod Assoc. anymore? Hey, let's start up a NEW one! I still have my '38, which i found in a little BSRA pamphlet, and still proudly wear their Tee shirt, and a polo BSRA shirt i just got!!

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