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Replacing fuzzy channel and strips around side windows on a 1950 GM sedan


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I am looking for suggestions and methods to install new front door window and rear side window fuzzy channel and side liner on a 1950 Chevy 2 door sedan. I believe the Buick and Chevy would use the same material and be installed the same way.

As you know the original was held on with clips that are no longer available.

I am hoping to hear from someone who has done this job and can give me some advice before I mess anything up.

Thanks in advance,


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Paul and Dan,

Thanks for the reply. My channel looks like Dan's 49 Buick clips. Thank you for taking the time to include photos.

I have taken a good look at the existing clips and see no way to reuse them on the new channel. One suggestion I received was to us silicon adhesive on the new channel and no clips. It was suggested to use silicon adhesive and 1/8 rivets for the horizontal strips.

What method have or are you planning to use?

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SLDAN, the clips are available; they're called Window Channel Retaining Clips. Just be careful on ordering as there's a couple slightly different styles available, 2 just for the same year Buicks. CARS, Steele Rubber, and Rubber the Right Way sells them. The unfortunate thing is that none of the manuals show you how MANY clips you need. At about $1.50-$2.00 a pop, it adds up quick if you're doing front AND rear doors. Based on some of the photos I've been able to squint at enough in the manuals, it shows 2 or 3 for the top front door and maybe as many as 3-5 for the tops of the rear doors. I couldn't make out any for the sides of the doors though. 49_buick had shared some of his dis-assembly photos with me and one door showed 8 clips in total, 5 across the top and 3 down the side! On a Buick, and probably the Chevy, the side of the window run channels actually seat into a "frame" type piece that goes down inside the door frame and clips or screws into the lower part of the door. It's called the Division Channel on front/rear doors with vents. Perhaps with new window run channel you don't need clips on the side pieces that are not on a Division Channel? As for the beltline wiper whiskers or fuzzies, mine and 49_buicks were screwed into the door welts right thru the reveal molding. Mine has a bracket that screws to the door welt underneath the reveal molding. Talk about overbuilt!! :) The same places above also sell separate, totally different looking clips (Sweeper Clips) to attach the beltline. I talked to Bob's yesterday. He told me that only certain models actually accepted these clips and that going the screw route was probably easier. Let me know if I can be of any help. I'm using Buick specific manuals, but I've also got the 1949-1954 Chevy Shop Manual as well as the '49 Fisher 'A' Body Manual. Both, though not Buick, still help and sometimes give alternate views. Much of the GM stuff aligns pretty well even though there's slight differences here and there.

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Hello Beerczar,

Thanks for the reply. My 2 door Chevy is a 30K mile car and the window channel and belt line are in fair condition but I want to replace it. All of the clips are there so I can get a good count of the clips. I saw the new channel clips at $1.50 each but i wonder how they are installed since the two points must penetrate the steel channell and them be bend tightly over.

What I did on the door horizontal fuzzy was install it using the original two screws on each end than used 2-56 SS button head screws painted black close to the location of the clip slots. I have uses this technique on the passenger door and it seems to work and the screw heads are invisible.

My plan for the channel is to remove the original clips, flatten out the little dog ears that do not break when removed, and use the same 2-56 screw idea on eacxh clip.

I will let you know how things work out.

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Ooh, I think you're right. I didn't even think of how the little spikey things get bent over. Are they bent or do they just stick in? I think the clips that were in my door frames, not sure if they were stock or not, didn't have the spikes (I could only find 2 clips per door). I think 49_buick's did...

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