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I am new to the forum but thought this would be a great place to find those who are passionate about the Classics. Have you wanted to step back in time and visit the island where these cars roam the streets? If so, AACA members are invited to join a Legal Classic Cars trip to Cuba October 21-28, 2013 that my company is offering.

I, along with my colleague, are the founders of Other Cuban Journeys. Our company has received A People- to-People license from OFAC to organize legal trips to Cuba. Although we just received the license this year, our presence in Cuba goes back over 12 years. We have a long history on the island. My colleague is Cuban American, she and I have been working together and have lead over 100 groups to Cuba. We have developed connections on the island that give us access to Cuban people and many experiences that regular travel companies do not have.

I just returned last week from Cuba (after more than 50 trips) and while there I met with the Vice-president of the largest classic and antique car club on the island. How amazing would it be to bridge the love of these old beauties… between the US and Cuba; an island of classic cars and passionate car lovers only 90 miles away but worlds apart. We are the same but living under very different circumstances. People to people interactions between USA car enthusiasts and their Cuban counterparts can be a catalyst in bridging that gap and begin forming lasting friendships that have many interests in common! OCJ can make this happen.

Being from Michigan, and born in Flint, General Motors is a natural thought. Yearly when attending the “Detroit Dream Cruise” or “Back to the Bricks”, I always dreamed of marrying legal travel to Cuba with classic car interactions with people from both countries. We now have the go ahead to make this dream a reality!

This October we are offering a Cuba trip which will not only include classic car highlights but also a full and rich in depth experience rich in all things Cuban. The traveler will meet with mechanics, car owners, city tour in vintage classic, meet the director of the antique car museum and more, while being immersed in the music, history and architecture, etc. Visiting Cuba is stepping back in time and an experience that is so meaningful.

Our website www.othercubanjourneys.com has the itinerary and trip information or write to us here and I will check back. I am so excited to take you to a world that is only 90 miles away but stepping back over 50 years!

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