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1965-66 Ford Mustang convertible

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My wife is having a big birthday this year and I want to get her a special car. She's talked about an early Mustang convertible, so that's what I'm looking for. My criteria are:


289 V8 (no sixes, please)

Power steering

Power top

Budget: under $25,000

It need not be show quality, but in this price range I figure I can get a very nice driver. Color, transmission, and other options are not as important as solid and ready to enjoy, but I want to cover the basics above. A/C would be nice and she does prefer manual transmissions, but it doesn't really matter in a hobby car.

If you know of one I'm a cash buyer right away. Please send photos and details through the site or to my personal E-mail at mattharwood8@gmail.com


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Guest greg walsh

Hi Matt,I was looking for one for my wife too but I wanted to trade my 68 Porsche for one. Anyway I saw one on Craigslist in Spacecoast Fl. for $14,000 which didn't look too bad. It's a 6 cylinder automatic with factory air and a 65. I'll try and find the ad if you'd like. No rust but painted hotrod grey. Greg.

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