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Need good Chevy Nova like 74 body four door


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Suggestion, if your are looking at fixing the car up, I'd stay away from '73 & '74 models. They are harder to get parts for. Especially the 4 dr. <P>Which 6 cyl engine do you need? Chevrolet had come out with in the early 70's a six that had an intergrated manifold in the head, in addtion to the older six that the two manifolds just bolted to the side. If you are needing the odler style, the 250 was used from I think it was '67 up. The same basic engine was used from '62 and up as a 194 and 230 cu. in. Same block just differnet bore and stroke.

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In case you find a car, I have a 1977 Nova four-door that I'm parting out (tan interior)<BR>and a nice trunk lid.<P>I also have a really mint set of 1977 Pontiac Ventura rear doors that should be the same as a Nova. From a nice, low mileage wreck.<P>I was thinking of putting the parts up for eBay auction. If you'd be interested in bidding on them, let me know and I'll put them on.<P>Thanks,<BR>Derek<BR>

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