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Grinding, scratching, rattling, weird noise


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Ok so, after I cleaned the injectors using seafoam doing it like this Cleaning The Fuel System With Seafoam - Reatta Owners Journal I noticed now there is a weird sound coming from the manifold or somewhere around that area. It sounds like something inside is grinding and groaning and rattling. When I push on it, it's still there. Just out for some input on what it might be or if its nothing.

Note: No loss of power or anything out of the ordinary other than my idle being really bad.

Personally I thought even before I did this the engine sounded horrible, maybe its just me, but it shudders and surges 100rpm, still cant find out why.

NOISES - YouTube I think this will be my link to the useless video I made. Maybe one of you can hear it faintly?

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Harmonic balancer is fine, if thats what youre getting at

Never count anything out before you check, not saying it is the balancer. I installed a brand new one and it broke into three pieces in two days. On to the noise. Sounds to me like you have a bad roller or something close to it. I would purchase a stethoscope (like $15) and give it a good listening to.

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Guest MercWagn

So your noise is coming from the driver's side. I believe I heard the noise in the video. Have you removed the starter and inspected the flywheel? I've yet to look at my starter/trans very closely, but some automobiles have an inspection plate that allows you to observe the flywheel.

I know GM used starter shims, perhaps something is amiss in this area. I had a car that had this issue and it could sound horrendous.

Good luck!

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