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Buick Straight 8 engine rebuilders out west ???


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Just a thread to gather info regarding wether or not there are any engine rebuilders that are experienced with the Buick strt 8 in the Colorado, Wyoming, New mexico area.

Denver, or Colorado Springs would be nice, but my question really is how far do we western folks have to travel to find a shop that we can trust to know all the tips and tricks these motors contain. Like 10 links on the timing chain etc.

For the folks east of the mississippi the concentration of shops is high, and distances are not that great. And of course California is a world of it's own. Heck, even Texas has Dallas / Ft. Worth.

So I guess I'm just posting the question, hoping all the classic Buick guys will chime in with their accumulated knowledge and or experiences, for those who do a "search" on this subject later.

Mike in Colorado


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Looky Here.

Sandy's green light is on.

Had any bites on your '33 for sale ?

You know Marty is agonizing over selling his '34.

Yup. We might be on our own..........

Hope someone chimes in with an engine shop nearby.

Don't like the idea of hauling mine clear to California.

Mike in Colorado

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Guest DennisJanssen

Hi my name dennis from the great state of minnesota and recently bought a 57 buick super riveris 4 door and need a little help finding a few parts can anyone help please e mail at dlajanssen@yahoo.com

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A great contact might be Ed Lappin in Littleton. A first class guy.

Do you know Lyle Pierson in Colorado Springs? I got my 1934 from him back in 1995, and he bought it in 1970. He had several other Buicks, including a 1938, as I recall. He is a BCA member, and in the Roster, or you can call/email me. Maybe he has a contact.

You could also talk with the curator of the Clive Cussler collection, or the folks at the Gateway Museum to see who does their work.

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Guest outlaw car man

Well, there some good starts if we need it here in the high country. I have either a new or rebuilt engine in my black 33, Dave Corbin thought new (er) .Car shows about 5000K miles since 1972 I believe ( have to look again ) Also not for sale, must be lack of O2 up there in the mountains.. HAAA Sandy

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