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Alternator Replacement


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1965 Riviera 401 with a/c Time to replace my original alternator. Before I started I wanted to get some information. Is there any way to unbolt and pull the a/c compressor up and out of the way (without having to open the system and capture the Freon) so I can get to and replace the alternator? As always, Thanks! Frank in Virginia

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Yes. I attached a rope to a pulley hung from a rafter in my garage and gently pulled the compressor up out of the way. It hung there while I worked on the engine.

I actually removed the alternator and the mounting bracket, to get in there and clean and paint, then reassemble.

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Guest wildcat465

Yes, take pictures of your brackets that you unbolt so you can put them back together correctly.

After removing the front bolts, and the rear bracket, the compressor can be lifted up and set on a towel in the right inner fender. Do not bend the hoses too much.

Should then have plenty of room to do the generator.

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