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Installing power seat in my '64


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Good morning gents. I'm installing a power seat in my '64 and need information on where to put the large opening in the inner door through which the wiring bundle goes. I have the dimensions for the opening, I just don't know where to place it.

If one of you has the driver's door skin off of a car that is equipped with power seats and power windows, could you take some measurements for me? Measure from the opening* for the power windows and let me know how far back and either up or down from the power window opening (or any other point of reference) the opening for the power seat needs to be.

Thanks in advance.


PS - FYI. It's these kinds of "modifications" to basic bodies that are done at the Fisher Body plant and appear on your Fisher Body data plate. Cars with neither power windows nor power seats had no openings in the door; cars with power windows had one opening; cars with power seats and power windows had two openings. The openings are placed so that they open into the back of the arm rest where the switches are located.

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